Jobs For Women Film Project

Jobs for Women is the true story of women who ignite a campaign for employment equality that changes Australia forever. What begins with a handful of women in Wollongong confronting BHP,the country’s largest company, grows into a community-wide 14-year battle from the Steelworks gates to the highest court in the land.

Its protagonists are not celebrities or stars – but young working class and migrant women who, through tireless struggle coupled with community solidarity, take an extraordinary stand against a titanic foe, despite their many language and cultural differences.
It is a tale of solidarity, friendship, equality, justice, and human spirit – yet it is a story of victory through struggle that is virtually unknown to the wider public. Hear what Jenny George has to say about the campaign that a community together and turn the Australian Industrial landscape on it's head.

The Jobs for Women Producers Group has come together to right this wrong.

Led by women, the team includes leading participants from the campaign, long-time film professionals, writers and researchers, united by our vision to bring this story to life through a feature film.
This is an epic tale, full of passion and humour, with unexpected twists and turns. It is a story that will be widely embraced – one that deserves to be seen.

The Story so far...

The Producers Group has been in existence for twelve months, following the production of the award-winning documentary Radical Wollongong which included a short section on the Jobs for Women campaign. Drawing together campaign participants, professional filmmakers, writers and researchers, the group is committed to bringing this epic story to the big screen where it belongs.

A crowdfunding campaign to test support for making the film attracted almost 200 contributors and exceeded the target of $25,000. This funding was used to research and develop the story, interview 22 participants in the Jobs for Women campaign, upgrade camera equipment, and produce a teaser film ‘The Women Who Were Never There’.

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It was filmed over 6 production days in December 2015, involving 27 actors with speaking roles, more than 60 volunteer extras, 14 crew, and multiple location and studio shoots. The total budget from pre-production through to post-production was just over $25,000. If the volunteer labour and other support-in-kind was costed at minimal rates, the true budget would be closer to $50,000.

The experience of making this short film was essential in bringing the team together in a challenging work environment. It developed strong networks of support for the project among actors, film crew and the general public. It produced an impressive film that is a microcosm of what could be achieved.

The next step...

Part of our plan for the feature film is to raise further funds. Following successful screenings in Wollongong and Sydney, we are taking the short film on a ‘funding ‘tour to state capitals and regional centres.

This will involve discussions with those who may be prepared to back the feature film. We will be asking trade unions, women’s organisations, legal groups and film funding bodies to financially support the film.

We look forward to talking with all interested parties to ensure a key feminist, migrant and working class struggle is captured on film, as part of our collective history.