CUB Back on Tap

Workers United will Never be Defeated

Today the news that CUB - InBev have agreed to all the terms put by the CUB55 has left workers across the nation ecstatic.

The dispute erupted 6 months ago when Carlton United United Breweries sacked 55 ETU and AMWU members, then offering their jobs back at 65% less pay. Many of these maintenance workers had been committed many years of service to CUB to ensure the company delivered a high standard quality product.

CUB never expected the fight that lay ahead that saw the Australian Public join with the Union Movement in boycotting CUB products in Solidarity with the CUB55.

CUB workers won:

  • Every worker able to return if they desire
  • Their original pay and conditions
  • No Involuntary redundancies
  • Any new contractors must meet these conditions
  • Temporary non-union workforce will be leaving

Hunter Workers would like to thank all the Businesses and Workers in the Newcastle/Hunter Region that supported the CUB55 in their campaign for what is right, just and fair. WOOHOO!!!