1917 Great Strike Exhibition

When: Mon 20th Nov at 10:00
Where: Hunter Unions Building 406/408 king St Newcastle West
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An Exhibition of the Great Strike of 1917 will be on display on the 3rd floor of the Hunter Unions Building to commemorate the 100th Anniversary from Friday 20th November 2017. It will be a great opportunity for students and those interested in the events that helped shaped Australian Union Movement we know today.

Please contact Leigh Shears for booking times on 0401 798 002


Usually referred to as the "New South Wales General Strike", but referred to by contemporaries as "the Great Strike", it was in fact neither general nor confined to NSW. The strike was however a mass strike, involving around 100,000 workers, mostly in NSW and Victoria. It began in New South Wales and spread to other states over six weeks from 2 August to 8 September 1917 when the official leadership declared the strike over. It took two weeks for all the railway strikers to return, however, as rank and file meetings initially rejected the official capitulation. Outside the railways, significant groups such as the waterside workers in Sydney and Melbourne, and the Hunter Valley coal mines remained out until November (or December in the case of the Melbourne waterfront) as in their case the use of strikebreakers had turned the strike into a lockout.