When: Sun 6th Aug at 10:00
Where: Honeysuckle, Newcastle NSW

Presented by

Hunter Peace Group

Assemble at 10am at Break Block Point ( Diagonally opposite Maritime Museum)
March 10.30 to Civic Park

The bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki happened 72 years ago – but the bombing still continues. Syria, Ukraine, Afghanistan and Iraq and all the war zones throughout the world. The lasting effects on the people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki as a result of the bombs dropped on them, is still being felt by the generations that have been born since 1945. Amazingly there are still a few survivors. Do we want this horrific massacre of people to continue? Do we want nuclear weapons to be used? This all must stop. So please come and honour all those who have suffered under the horrors of war and join us in the call for a Ban on Nuclear Weapons.



  • Theo Bougatsas – Teacher, Organiser NSW Teachers’ Federation, Activist
  • Assoc Professor Wayne Reynolds: A leading expert on Australian Defence and Foreign Policy and he is on a quest to unearth the real story on Australia’s nuclear ambitions.
  • Gem Romuld: NSW Convenor/Organiser ICAN (International Campaign Against Nuclear Weapons): we are hoping she will bring us good news from the negotiations happening in the UN on a Treaty to Ban Nuclear Weapons

Come and join in the singing by Newcastle Peoples’ Chorus and the happy group “Threepence”.

Sausage sizzle kindly provided by MUA