Jobs for Women Film Project

When: Fri 4th Nov at 19:00
Where: Hunter Unions Building, 2nd Floor Carrington Room, 406-408 King St Newcastle West
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Join us for a film night about the history and struggle of equality for steel women of the Illawarra.


In the 1980's the women of Wollongong took on the largest Corporation in Australia to win the right to work in the steel foundries at Port Kembla. A fight that took fourteen and a half years to successfully win against BHP and its discriminatory hiring policy. This was a victory for all progressive people and organisations, acknowledging they would never have won without the massive support they received.

A similar fight with the Steel Giant started in Newcastle soon after a Public Meeting around 'Womens Rights @ Work' in 1980 when took up the challenge with the support of the 'Newcastle Trades Hall Council'

Jennie George has testified that too often our history, womens history, is lost. The making of a feature length film about this ground-breaking history-making working women’s industrial struggle is an important part of the working class struggle. It was a long struggle that judges from the High Court of Australia likened to the Harvester decision of the early 1900s and the Equal Pay case in the ‘70’s. Yet it is a story that very few people know about. It’s a film that won’t be funded by Hollywood, it is one that will be made with the support of those who supported the original campaign 36 years ago and those who believe in worker’s solidarity and the right of women to work in what were seen as ‘male dominated’ industries.