Maitland Hospital's Future - Public Meeting

When: Mon 15th May at 18:30
Where: Eat Maitland Bowling Club, Bank St East Maitland

Our Health, Our Future


The NSW State government wants to privatise your public hospitals.

First it was the Northern Beaches, then it was five more public hospitals. They backed down over Goulburn Hospital, but Wyong, Maitland, Shellharbour and Bowral are still under threat.

Think what losing your public hospital will mean for the health staff and your community.

If we go down the path of privatising public hospitals, it will only lead to the domination of health care by private for-profit companies and a rise in social inequity.

Local and global evidence shows that the more the private sector gets involved, the more expensive the system becomes, with little improvements to quality of care – just like the USA.